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PROPERTY HUNT – Green Edition

Event ranking

Event map



It takes place in the game, but is supported via in-game notifications and Social Media posts.


The event will last for four weeks (12/14/2020 – 01/11/2021)

The Event:

  • The Event will be based on the Agent feature.
  • The players will need to guess the properties first, according to a map and hints given.
  • Then players will travel the world with their Agent and gather shares of the properties from the Green Category, mainly National Parks and Reserves.
  • The Event will have a starting and an ending point, so that all players can begin at the same time and have equal chances to travel.


  • All the properties in the Event will be from the Green Category.
  • Most properties are in rural places or on the outskirts, so that we do not encourage going to crowded places. Mostly outdoors.

The goal:

The main goal is to gather as many properties from given 32 properties all around the world (from 6 continents).
The goals are divided into 3 Tiers:
Tier 3 – 6 properties (shares, at least 1 share) owned by the player – Bronze Global Landlord Avatar
Tier 2 – 16 properties (shares, at least 1 share) owned by the player – Silver Global Landlord Avatar
– Green Edition
Tier 1 – 32 properties (shares, at least 1 share) owned by the player – Ultimate Gold Global Landlord Avatar – Green Edition

The prize:

Limited ‘Global Landlord – Green Edition’ badges
In-game coins and cash.


Each player has to gather at least 6 properties from a given 32.
Players can buy 1 to 10 shares of each property, no more!
The contest properties must be bought by the Agent from the bank.
The players cannot trade the Event properties between themselves.
The players cannot buy the property shares from the Marketplace.
The players can sell the shares back to the bank immediately after buying them to release property slots.
The players have 3 levels – goals to achieve shown by 3 Tiers (Tier 3 – the lowest, Tier 1 – the highest)
The players who achieve these goals will receive a special avatar ‘Global Landlord’.
The players who gather all 32 properties will win a gold ‘Global Landlord’ avatar.


There will be an interactive map that will show the players the approximate location of the Event properties.
The map will include hints about the properties for the players to guess them.
More info about the Event properties will be given gradually during the Event.



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